Old Barre Mural or Poster

Today I was working for the Times Argus and came across an old building in downtown Barre Vermont that was being demolished. After one wall broke away a wall was exposed from the original structure. I was told it originally was a livery or stable. On the side of the wall was a mural or poster advertising 4 Paw and Wild West Show coming to Barre. It was a scene from Custer’s Last Stand. A lot of the ad was missing but enough remained to really catch my eye. I adjusted my camera to Custom Function Setting #3 and made a few pictures before the construction company destroyed the rest of the poster. I asked them to wait while I contacted the Vermont Historical Society which was just up the road but my words couldn’t match the need of operator of the heavy equipment as he finished the job. Here is what the scene looked like.

Here is a picture of the scene from the street showing the surrounding buildings. Note size the poster!
(READ the Times Argus Article written by David Delcore for full details)

wild west show

Old posters of a Wild West show coming to Barre VT were found

One of the workers claimed he was going to try and save what was left after work. I’ll follow up and let you know if he was able to save any of it.


wild west poster

Old poster found on the side of a building in Barre VT

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