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I’ve had a photo blog for a few years now but only posted occasionally. It was mostly about my travels and problem assignments. I used Apple’s iWeb tool and hosted it on Apple’s MobileMe environment. Needless to say the only people that could find it or bothered to read it were friends and family. Not the best environment for social media exposure of your photos. I’m hoping to be more active with this new blog and attract a wide variety of opinions and ideas for photography; mine and yours! This is one old man’s babbling adventures or mis-adventures in Hawaii, Colorado, South Carolina, Florida, Canada and New England.


Tiger at the Denver Zoo



So for my 1st post in my new photo blog I want to write about my camera. I’m using a Canon Mark IV and at first I was all ga-ga over it. Amazing shutter speed bursts for sports (10/sec), huge ISO choices (50-51200 and beyond) without lots of noise, auto focus was awesome. Tracking incredible. But that all changed! I was working a NECBL baseball game and the camera was hit by an overthrow from the right fielder to the first baseman. The ball hit my camera right on the bottom where the tripod attaches. Electronics were damaged. I sent it to Canon for repair and now trying to get back to where I was before the hit. For awhile every time I wasn’t satisfied with the photos, I’d question the repair job but 99.9% of the time it’s me! So I started playing with custom functions and now I have 3 to choose from when I shoot; indoor action, outdoor action, general photojournalism assignments.

I also had Kurt Budliger , incredible Vermont photographer and teacher, help me micro-adjust 3 of my wide angle zoom lenses; EF 70-200mm f/2.8L, EF 24-70mm f/2.8L, EF 16-35mm f/2.8L. Micro-adjusting lenses probably works better on a fixed focal lens rather than zoom or telephoto lens but by setting the aperture at the best or mid focal length for each lens you can get some good results. There was not a lot of adjusting needed and the EF 16-35 needed no adjustment at all.

Custom Function Settings for Set 1 are taken directly from Martin Bailey’s Blog. If you haven’t visited Martin’s blog you should. At the bottom of his post there are 2 links to Canon documents that are also helpful with AF Custom Functions and ISO Speed settings. I used these articles and my own preferences to create Set #3 which I use for photojournalism assignments not related to action sports or action events.

Custom Function Settings for Set #2 are directly from legendary¬†Peter Read Miller’s post Sports Shooter. It’s what he uses for football when making photos for Sports Illustrated.

Now that I’ve made these changes I’m going to shoot and post samples and my opinions for each set of functions. I know this is not the most scientific method but it’s a place for me to start so I can learn more about how my camera responds as I learn to use it better.

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