Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Work!

VCFA Grads and Faculty

MFA Faculty and Grads 2011

I was asked to make a picture of the 27 graduates in the MFA in Writing program at Vermont College. Sometimes things just don’t work they way you plan so plan B is always needed. Oh, details, don’t forget the details . . . I should have asked a few more questions.

I staged what I thought was a good setup. I would use the Chapel in College Hall. Setup in front of the amazing pipe organ but below the stage. Create three rows of people. First row, 8 chairs with a nice easy curve from the center. Row two, 9 people standing and row three, 10 people standing on chairs. Add some back lighting and front fill flash at various angles and I’m ready.

Test photos were right on now just wait for the group to arrive. The graduates arrived and brought some friends – a lot of friends. The picture grow from 27 to 50 in a matter of seconds. They’re on a very tight schedule so I only had a few minutes to adapt. I wish I’d adapted better.

Well, sometimes things just don’t work out the way you planned so you try as best you can and walk away wondering what the original idea would have looked like. I did capture the moment – hectic!

A couple of graduates didn’t make the picture so I was asked come back to take separate pictures of each and “photoshop” them in. I hear that alot lately. It is their picture. It is what they want.

What do you think about the idea of adding missing elements / people to a photograph?

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