Taylor Street Bridge

The Taylor Street Bridge is a steel “Parker” through truss constructed in 1929. It is located in the Montpelier Historic District and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is located on Taylor Street in Montpelier and crossing over the Winooski River serving as a connection between State Street and US Rte 2. Like most bridges in Montpelier, it was in need of repair and for over a year it has been closed while being reconstructed. It finally opened just around Christmas 2010.

The Flood of 1927 destroyed over 1200 bridges in Vermont. The American Bridge Company, a subsidiary of U.S. Steel, constructed many the bridges in Central Vermont after the flood of ’27. It used pre-fabricated parts assembled on-site. 129 bridges were constructed in Central Vermont after the flood in a very shot time. A much shorter time than it took to rebuilt this one bridge. Time will tell if “new’ costly bridge will last as long as the old pre-fab job of 1929.

After the bridge re-opened this past year, I took several pictures of it from various angles and at different times. Our skies are so dark and gray this time of year and the sun sits so low on the horizon that Taylor Street Bridge rarely gets direct sunlight except for a brief period in the morning. I became bored with the dull gray images and decided I needed some color so I took this image and applied a Topaz Adjust 4 filter and made an illustration so I could have some color in my life. Some photographers object to using images to make illustrations like this. The claim is they don’t look real. Well, they’re not real but they do illustrate the photographers view. I enjoy the way some photographers will use paint and brush to add perspective; blue eyes in a black and white portrait, red roses in a brides bouquet on black and white wedding photos.

When the clouds clear and the sun shines through, Vermont is spectacular in winter. I’m still waiting for one of thse days. I’d settle for a part of a day.


Taylor Street Bridge

Taylor Street Bridge finally re-opened


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