IBU World Cup Biathlon (Maine)

IBU World Cup Biathlon 7.5KM Women

Russian biathlon athlete sites in her 22 caliber rifle before the race.

I spent last week at the 10th Mountain Ski Center in Fort Kent Maine at the IBU World Cup Biathlon. This was the first time I’ve had an opportunity to photograph world class biathlon athletes and it was incredible. The event organizers put together a amazing venue and were gracious hosts. The Press Room was tight and they need more space to accommadate everyone but I didn’t spend a lot of time in there anyway.

The Saint John Valley locals are friendly and spirited. Fort Kent is a small USA-French Canadian border town and has a branch of the University of Maine. It’s population is around 4500 and potato and timber industry are the main sources of work. It is fast becoming a Nordic skiing center and the season starts in November and ends in April. The Maine Winter Sports Center funded by Libra Foundation has been a catalyst in re-establishing skiing as a lifestyle in Northern Maine. If you like cross country skiing you should visit Fort Kent. There is a 25K recreational trail network and part is lit for night skiing plus a 28 unit wax building and the range has 30 lanes for shooting.

I arrive after a 10 hour drive from Montpelier VT for a Media reception, picked up credentials and headed to Caribou where I stayed with my brother Tim, Mary his wife and their son Steven. I only get to see them a couple of times a year and it’s aways a pleasure. Good Food, Good Wine, Good Humor.

Thursday during the Men’s 10km Sprint race my Canon Mark IV froze up after 3 hours of near zero degree weather. About 100 images were not recorded yet the camera was firing like all was well. I always shut off the LCD when shooting to save battery life. I occasionally do a little chimping but once I know my exposures are good I don’t even do that. So after a couple hours of shooting I was confident things were going well. The last hour and of course the best shots of the day never made it to the memory card. They only made to my 65 year old memory card and be sure they will not be there long.

If you like to fish, hunt, hike, canoe, ride or ski you have to try Northern Maine! And don’t forget to visit the 10th Mountain Ski Center in Fort Kent.



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