Old Farm Road

Do you remember me? I used to write entries in this blog every few months. Well it’s been almost a year and forgive me but I’ve been busy. I’ve been to Maine several times on assignment and to visit family. I enjoyed covering Montpelier’s 0-20 girls hockey team (that’s right they didn’t win a game). They ended the season with the goalie not only stopping 71 of 77 shots on goal in one game but won the MVP honor in a Vermont All-Star victory. Her only win of the season. She was awesome day in and day out. Sorry to see her graduate.

I’ve been working with some young photographers at River Rock School in Montpelier. It’s so much fun watching kids explore photography. Buttons, dials, ISO, Mode, Shutter, Rule of Thirds, Composition all mean nothing. They love to just point and shoot. They create amazing accidential images or maybe pure instinct. Whatever it is we’re publishing a book soon and it’s pretty cool!

We built a new home in East Montpelier and I’m still busting my butt planting trees, mulching flower beds and getting the garden seeded with hopeful crops for the fall. Today I sprayed the apple trees for black spot fungus with some organic mixture that is labeled as not harmful to man or beast. I’m hoping that includes the birds and the bees. Tomorrow I mow the lawn. It will take 2.5 hours on a riding mower. What have I become!

I’ve managed to make some images of a tom (turkey) strutting his stuff in front of the new deck. I’m able to sit there with my tripod and capture the show. Song birds are enjoying the new crab apple trees and I’m enjoying applying some of Bryan’s lessons in bird identification. I’m such a novice but the sheer joy of seeing them in a whole different way is a blast!

One of the beauties of living in East Montpelier is the variety of wildlife. Before I would drive somewhere to see critters. Now I just walk around the house. Birds especially turkeys seem to grab my attention lately. I have little knowledge of the kinds and types but after a few sessions with Bryan Pfeiffer I’m slowly getting it. Well sort of . . . If you ever get a chance to spend some time with Byran talking birds or photography don’t miss it!

There are a couple of images I’ve made lately that are so simple but I really enjoy them. One, a purple finch. As Bryan explained, “It looks like it’s been dipped in cranberry juice.”

The other a Ruby-throated hummingbird resting in a tree. What a treat to be able to sit on the deck and capture these wonderful birds. Spend some time seeing what’s in your own backyard!

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