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Firsts and Lasts

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Vermont Girls Ice Hockey Coaches Association announced the 2011-2012 Lake Division All Star Selections today, February 27. Player of the Year went to outstanding player Abby Marmer of Burr & Burton Academy and Coach of the Year goes to Mike Vasseur of Harwood Union. But it was the selection of 1st Team Goalie that got my attention. Mary Cain gets that honor and sets another first for the season. She is the first goalie to get the award without recording a win during the season. It just demonstrates the respect coaches around the state have for her game and how incredible she is in the net. Earlier in the season she had 71 saves in one game – a first for any goalie in Vermont. She had 747 saves this season – another first. Her save percentage is around 0.878.

Cain was also named to the Annual Essex Rotary All-Star Hockey Classic which will be played on March 17th in Essex. It was also announced that she is an Academic All Star with a GPA above 3.5. Congratulations Mary! You’ve had an amazing career as a high school goalie and we’ll look forward to watching you play in the All-Star Game in Essex in March.

Mary Cain makes a stabbing save against U32 in her final game.

Others named to the Lake Division 1st Team are Kristen Dukette and Erin Easton (Northfield), Emma Cummings (Harwood), Lucy Stillman (Rice), and Brooke Sabol (Burr & Burton).

I’d like to take a minute to tip my hat to retiring Head Coach Chris Turley of Montpelier. Coach Turley had his last coaching moment walking off the ice at the Civic Center in Montpelier after shaking hands with U32 players during the final game of the season. He headed into the locker room to talk with his team. Chris and his staff of volunteers (Peter Farrell, Paul Rumley, Sam FitzPatrick, Brian Cain) started the Montpelier High girls hockey program ten years ago as a club program and it evolved into a varsity sport. He was all about players being successful by developing character while developing hockey skills. He will be missed. Chris is done as is the MHS girls hockey program.

Coach Turley leaves the ice after his final game as a coach.

There is a possibility that Montpelier players will still be able to play hockey next year. A merge is being discussed with area schools and if the decision-making adults can cross mascot lines the kids will benefit and Montpelier girls will be on the ice next year.

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February 27th, 2012 at 8:11 pm

Historic Hockey in River City!

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A huge shout out to a couple of Montpelier High girls on the hockey team; Mary Cain and Rachel Ebersole.

First, congratulations to Mary Cain for her outstanding play at the Kreitzberg Arena against Northfield where she endured 77 shots on goal in one game! She stopped 71 of them. She made a historic save in the first period and the puck was snagged by the coaches. It was her 500th save of the season! That’s right, 500th save this season. How long did it take Tim Thomas to get 500 saves while playing in Vermont? Mary’s save percentage is around .910 which is top shelf in any arena.

500th Save of the Season

Second, Rachel Ebersole made one of the sweetest unassisted goals of the season. She weaved through defenders and covered 3 zones of the ice. She approached the net from the left side with a defender on her right shoulder. She used her speed and power to ward off the defender and cut in front of the net to score in the lower right corner – Poetry on Ice!

SCORE! "Poetry on Ice"

You can view images of the girls hockey season at CrowleyPhotos.

Their next game is Saturday against Mt Mansfield @ 7PM at the Civic Center in Montpelier.

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February 10th, 2012 at 10:44 am

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MHS Girls Hockey update

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Brief update on the progress of the Montpelier High girls hockey team:

Saturday night (1/07/12) MHS played U32 and with less than two minutes remaining in the game the score was 2-1 with U32 in the lead. The Solons called a timeout to plan strategy for the final 120 seconds of the game. MHS won the faceoff and headed down the ice toward the U32 goal. Montpelier pulled the goalie but unfortunately U32 gained control of the puck and scored a goal on an empty net making the final score 3-1.

They lost the first game of the season 10-0 and in this game had a chance to tie with just a few seconds left in the third period. It’s so much fun watching them improve daily. More and more players are showing that desire to win as their skills improve.

Below is a audio slideshow of highlights during the game. The National Anthem is sung by MHS center Tess Adams. You can access the pictures at Crowley Photos website under the SPORTS gallery – High School Sports.

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January 9th, 2012 at 2:05 am

SHS Girls Hockey vs BFA-St. Albans Fans

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The Spaulding girls hockey team was one of my favorite teams this year. Not only were they fun to watch because of their incredible style of play but also because they were classy athletes. They didn’t back down from anyone and always displayed a high level of competitive spirit while showing respect for their opponent. They knew how to have fun and win! They were unlucky during the championship game last Friday at Kreitzberg Arena in Northfield against BFA-St. Albans. They dominated play throughout the game. It was the kind of game that one mistake might win it. BFA scored the only goal on a power play. BFA girls were tough and never backed off even though they did not get many very good chances to score. Their freshman goalie was incredible! She was very aware of everything and quick to anticipate Spaulding’s attacks. It got a little heated toward the end and a couple of players from both teams stopped playing hockey for a bit and let their tempers take over with some shoving and pushing. The refs called it roughing and gave them penalties. It was a great game.

BFA-St. Albans fans on the other hand were anything but classy! They demonstrated some of the worst fan behavior I have seen in sport. They began by chanting in fun and were noisy during the game. They had a lot of enthusiasm and it added to the game until the end. Once the horn blew ending the game the BFA fans started pelting the Spaulding girls hockey team with mardi gras beads they were wearing around their necks. They taunted them with looser comments and general insults.

Why would any group of kids be so out of bounds toward a team that was suffering such a huge loss? Why weren’t they celebrating with their own team that had just won the championship?

I was standing next to some BFA parents, adults and I believe the Athletic Director. I commented on the rude behavior and they just watched smiling. Mixed emotions I’m sure. They were smiling but I’m not sure at what – the win or the behavior. Probably both. I didn’t get a chance to see how the winning coaches reacted but I’m hoping they would have been appalled by it all. I certainly was. It did not reflect the winning teams efforts and great season. It totally changed my attitude toward BFA-St. Albans. I used to take my basketball teams to St. Albans to scrimmage in pre-season. Jim Bashaw was the BFA coach at the time and I have always had a lot of respect for BFA because of him. He is missed-RIP. They need people like Jim to turn their reputation around because right now it stinks!

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March 3rd, 2010 at 8:25 am

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